Do you have problems at work?

If you are not a Dane, but work in Denmark, and experience problems at your workplace, then you can find help at Migrantcenter Hovedstaden. We are a group of volunteers with vast knowledge and experience of the Danish labor market, our trade unions, vage systems, employment regulations, rights and obligations.
  • Counselling is free
  • You can stay anonymous
  • We have interpreters if you do not speak Danish



  • Tuesdays and Thursday 16.00 – 18.00

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Så kontakt centeret på
+45 22 41 44 51
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MigrantCenter Hovedstaden

Migrantcenter Hovedstaden is a center providing help for migrants who experience problems at their workplaces in Denmark. The crew at the center consists of volunteers with vast knowledge of the Danish labor market.

We are established by the trade union movement in Copenhagen area, but you don’t have to be a member to get help at the center. The center is open and free for all migrant workers. Counseling is free of charge and if necessary, we will try to provide interpretation.

Through this counseling the migrant center will promote the possibility of integration into society and the labor market, at equal terms.

The volunteers will not be able to solve concrete labor conflicts but will help you contact relevant trade unions or others who can help solve specific conflicts. Likewise trade unions and other organisations can refer to Migrantcenter Hovedstaden.

The volunteers will typically have a trade union background, or they will be law students or social workers.

In the center migrants will find help on:

  • Questions about general agreements, wages, holiday regulations, pensions, employment rules and such
  • Contacts with the right trade unions in case of a current labor conflict
  • Contacts with public authorities or other relief organisations
  • Questions about migrant rights in Denmark